RitaOra.US is looking for co-webs/staff!
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Hello everyone! Our fansite (http://ritaora.us) is looking for a co-web that can help with updates. If you are interested please email us at orafansite@gmail.com

Our fansite & gallery has been recognized by Rita and her team several times. Becoming a co-web you will also have access to our twitter account @TeamRitaOra and our facebook: facebook.com/SoRitaOra

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“Black Widow” On The Rise!
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Azalea’s “Black Widow,” featuring Rita Ora, vaults 97-65 as the chart’s top Digital Gainer (41,000, up 118 percent)

As one of the standout tracks on Iggy’s album, Black Widow serves as the latest single which looks to be on it’s way to a chart success.

Rita Ora is the new face of the Roberto Cavalli Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 Advertising Campaign
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News: Rita Ora’s obsessed fan wanted to kill her
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Rita Ora has confessed that an obsessed fan who followed her around New York turned aggressive when he dropped his camera and couldn’t take a photo with her.

The 23-year-old star loves her fans, who are affectionately nicknamed Ritabots, but she sometimes feels as though they expect too much from her, and when they react aggressively she feels un-safe.

She said: ”It’s nice to be accepted by my Ritabots and I am always honest with them. But there was one person in New York who scared me. ”He was following us everywhere. I had no idea how he got to places I was going to but he would and he always, always asked for a picture. ”But one day his camera fell on the floor while it was raining and I’ve never seen anyone turn so angry.

That was weird – you give people what they want and then they go too far, and want to kill you.” The ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ hitmaker – who is dating Scottish DJ Calvin Harris – admits that although she sometimes feels threatened by fans, she’s still comfortable being herself in interviews, and for the most part she doesn’t feel as though she has to keep things private.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: ”At the moment I don’t worry about it. I’m as open as I want to be. I tell the truth in interviews, you always have control over it. ”If I don’t want people to know something then I won’t tale about it. ”And there’s a way of stopping stories coming out in the press.”118728PCN_Rita09

Photos: Rita Ora And Cara Delevingne Seen At Chiltern Firehouse In London.
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There have been added HQ photos in our gallery of  Rita Ora And Cara Delevingne Seen At Chiltern Firehouse In London. Check out the photos below in our gallery: